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Honda Motorcycles
Gold Wing GL1200

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GL1200'84 - For 1984 the 1100 cc model was replaced by a larger 1200 which came in two available colors: Black and Candy Wineberry Red. The headlight was round with a chrome shell. The taillight assembly was free-standing and had a ribbed lens.
Engine: 1182cc opposed four cylinder SOHC liquid-cooled
Valve: Hydraulic Valve Adjuster system
Transmission: 5-speed
Drive: Shaft
Suspension: TRAC™ anti-dive
Brakes: Interconnected braking system with triple discs
Accessories: No fairing, winshield, saddlebags, or trunk
Wheelbase: 1610mm (63.4 in.)
Dry weight: 272 kg (599.5 lb)
Seat height: 780mm (30.7 in.)
The frame serial number in California began 1HFSC1431EA000001 while in the rest of the U.S. it began 1HFSC1401EA000001. The engine serial number (for both California and the rest of the U.S.) began: SC14E-2400107. For more detail click here.
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Honda, GL1200 Gold Wing, 1984-1987