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Honda Motorcycles
Custom CB1000

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The CB1000C'83 1000 Custom was sold in 1983 in one of two color schemes: Black with Achilles black Metallic or Candy Regal Brown with Chestnut Gold Metallic. the gas tank and side covers were two-tone. the wheels were comcast. The taillight was integrated. The transmission was a 5-speed with dual range sub-transmission -- thus 10 speeds.
Engine: Powerful, four-cylinder, 973cc, DOHC
Transmission: Five-speed dual-range
Drive: Shaft
Suspension: Air-adjustable, leading-axle front forks
Brakes: TRAC™ anti-dive control system with integrated fork brace
Oil cooler: Large capacity
Wheelbase: 1613mm (63.5 in.)
Seat height: 790mm (31.1 in.)
Fuel capacity: 16.7 liter (4.4 gal.)
Dry weight: 266 kg (584.3 lb)
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Honda CB900, 1000 & 1100, 1980-1983