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Honda Motorcycles
VFR750R'90 RC30, RVF750R'94 RC45

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VFR750R'90 The VFR750R'90 RC30 was sold in 1990 and was available in one color scheme: Ross White with Wistaria Blue, Seychell Blue, and Red. The bike had twin round headlights. There was a single-sided swingarm. The exhaust system was stainless steel. The engine had titanium connecting rods. The engine was a 748cc DOHC 16 valve liquid-cooled V-4 linked to a 6-speed transmission. The serial number began JH2RC300*LM200001.
RVF750R'94 The RVF750R'94 RC45 was sold in 1994 in one color scheme: Ross White with Sparkling Red and Purple. The engine was an all-new 749cc 90° V4 with computer controlled programmed fuel injection system and titanium connecting rods. The serial number began JH2RC450*RM000006.