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Honda Motorcycles

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CX650T'83 The CX650T'83 650 Turbo was sold in 1983 in one color scheme: Pearl Shell White with Candy Aleutian Blue. The body stripes were red and blue. The "CX650 TURBO" decal was white. The wheels were silver. The fork legs were black.
Engine: 674cc Turbocharged, computerized fuel injected V-2
Transmission: Five-speed
Drive: Shaft
Suspension: Air-adjustable Pro-Link™ rear suspension has three-way adjustable rebound damping
Brake: TRAC™ anti-dive control system
Ignition: Solid state
Wheelbase: 1496mm (58.9 in.)
Seat height: 790mm (31.1 in.)
Fuel capacity: 20 liters (5.3 gal.)
Dry weight: 235 kg (518 lb)
The serial number began JH2RC160*DM000024.