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Honda Motorcycles
Hawk GT NT650

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NT650'88 The NT650'88 Hawk GT was sold in 1988 in one of two available colors: Tempest Gray Metallic or Candy Tanzanight Blue. The gas tank decal reads "HAWK HONDA" the side cover reads "GT 647" The headlight was round. The frame was an aluminum spar. There was a single-sided swingarm. The engine was a 647cc SOHC 3-valve liquid cooled V-twin linked to a 5-speed transmission and a chain drive. The serial number began JH2CR310*JM000001
NT650'89 The NT650'89 Hawk GT was sold in 1989 in just one color: Italian Red. There was no basic difference from the 1988 model. The 1988's had four holes in the stock damper rods while the 1989 model had only two. An oil line from the pump to the head on the 1988 model was mounted differently on the 1989, but otherwise shaped the same. The serial number began JH2CR310*KM100011
NT650'90 The NT650'90 Hawk GT was sold in 1990 in Italian Red. Again there was no difference from the previous year. The serial number began JH2CR310*LM200001
NT650'91 The NT650'91 Hawk GT was sold in 1991 in Italian Red. However, it was sold only in California this year. The serial number began JH2CR311*MM300001