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Honda Motorcycles
Ascot FT500, VT500FT

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1982 Honda
Ascot FT500'82 The Honda Ascot, designated FT500'82, was sold in 1982. Two colors were available: Monza Red and Black. The tank stripes and the "FT500" decal were gray and silver on the red bike; but they were red and orange on the black bike. The speedometer was limited to 85 mph (135 kph). The headlight was rectangular and so were the instruments. The bike had electric start and the exhaust system was a 2-into-1. The engine was a 498cc OHC, 4-valve single cylinder with one carburetor. The transmission was a 5-speed. The serial number began JH2PC0708CM000019.
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Clymer: Honda VT500, 1983-1988
FT500'83 The FT500'83 was sold in 1983 in one of two colors: Monza Red or Black. The tank and side cover stripes on the red bike were white and blue; but on the black bike they were silver and red. The headlight and instruments were rectangular. The speedometer had a 120 mph (195 kph) limit.
Engine: High-performance 498cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke
Valve: Four
Carburetor: One
Ignition: solid state CD
Crankshaft: Chain driven dual counter-balancer reduces vibration
Starter: Electric
Transmission: 5-speed
Drive: #530 O-ring drive chain
Brakes: Disc with twin piston calipers front and rear
Suspension: Air-adjustable front forks
Wheelbase: 1435mm (56.5 in.)
Seat height: 800mm (31.5 in.)
Fuel capacity: 13 liters (3.4 gal.)
Dry weight: 159 kg (350.6 lb)
The serial number began JH2PC070*DM100001.
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Clymer: Honda VT500, 1983-1988