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Honda Motorcycles
Scrambler CL72

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CL72 Scrambler 250 The Honda Scrambler 250 CL72 was sold from 1962 to 1965 and was similar to the CB72 Hawk 250. Three colors were available: Blue with Silver, Scarlet Red with Silver, and Black with Silver. The headlight shell, frame, upper fork covers, fork legs, and shock covers were painted the basic color. The fuel tank, side covers, and fenders were silver. The tank had rubber knee pads. While the Hawk's exhaust pipes were slung under the gearbox (one on each side of the bike), the Scrambler's two pipes with baffles went over the gearbox on the left side. The engine was a 247cc 4-stroke OHC parallel twin with two carburetors. The transmission was a 4-speed. The serial number began CL72-100001.